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Whenever, Wherever You Need It

Your users are on the go now more than ever, and your learning can be on the move with them too. All our eLearning courses are HTML5 compatible as standard, meaning they can be accessed on any mobile device.

Our training programmes are designed to work where they are needed. We can work on-site or off-site, and have extensive experience delivering classroom courses on offshore platforms.

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Helping You Inform Your Users

A good learning programme should always be more than just a tick in the box. It should be able to deliver a real result – whether that’s solving a problem, allowing your team to carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively, or a change to your business practises. We’ll help you identify the best solution to get that result.

Improve Business Performance

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A learning and performance programme is never a short-term fix – it won’t solve any problem straight away.

Rather, it’s an investment in the long-term development of your employees, ensuring they get all the training and support they need. Developing the skills of your people is the best investment you could possibly make to improve business performance.

IT Training For your Business

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We’ll train any IT application or system: we’ll get to know it inside out and use that knowledge to get your users where they need to be. Whether you’re rolling out a new system, introducing a new way of working, or have simply identified a training need, we’ll make sure your training fits your business and how you work.

Our Face to Face Process
Project Kick-Off Icon
Business Gap Analysis

We work with you to analyse the problem and identify the business goals using our tried and tested Scoping Process.

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User Gap Analysis

We work with your users to identify performance gaps and determine the learning characteristics of the users to make the training more effective.

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We work closely with your Subject Matter Expert to understand your business and the roles within it, to enable us to Train the Job Not the System!

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Design the Solution

We work closely with you to help you decide the most effective learning blend for your company and to suit your users learning needs.

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Develop the Solution

This may include a variety of online, virtual, face to face materials but all will be interactive, role specific, sustainable and tested with your Subject Matter Experts before deployment

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We will work with you to deploy the learning blend within your timescales.

Testing And Deployment Icon

We work with you to assess the success of the programme and ensure that your users will continue to learn at their Moment of Need.

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eLearning Packages: electralite electric electrafied
Can’t see one that fits? Just give us a ring and we’ll always see what we can do. Electralite Level Graphic Electric Level Graphic Electrafied Level Graphic
Timescale < 3 weeks 4+ weeks 6+ weeks
Voiceover In-house In-house / Professional Professional
Navigation Standard Custom Custom
Graphics Stock Custom Custom
Testing Full Full Full
SCORM/AICC/Tin Can API Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Assessment Standard Custom Custom
Interactive No Optional Optional
Animation No Optional Optional
Video Optional Optional Optional
Compatible with Mobile Devices Yes Yes Yes
Our eLearning Process

The way we work is flexible - we like to work around you, rather than the other way around. There’s no strict way of working for us, but the following shows the steps your project will always go through:

Project Kick-Off Icon
Project kick-off

Here, we meet with you and confirm your needs and expectations; we really want to know what this eLearning means to you and your business.


years producing quality online learning solutions.

Storyboarding Icon
Storyboarding and initial design ideas

We take the information you gave us at Kick Off, and map out how the content should flow. We’ll also come up with some design concepts; once you’ve settled on an idea we develop it further to show you exactly how your eLearning will look.


increase in employee engagement.

Script Icon
Script production

If your eLearning requires voiceover, the script is really important to get right. We need to establish a tone that will suit your users and the message you want to get across, while making sure key points are made clearly.


faster rollout of new IT systems.

Development Icon

Once you’re happy with the design and script, we can begin development. Typically we’ll do this in chunks, and review progress with you as we go along.


faster learning. Online learners have more control over their pace and progress.

Testing And Deployment Icon
Testing and Deployment

With the finish line in sight, it's essential that your eLearning is rigorously tested. Once your learning is perfect, we arrange to deploy it to your chosen delivery platform. Don’t already have one? We have experience in setting up Learning Management Systems.


savings for one lovely client on their ongoing training costs.