Beth Milne

Beth Milne

I love meeting and working with a variety of people in different job roles. One of my favourite aspects of my job is the chance to engage with people and work out how to help individuals develop their understanding of their business processes and systems so they feel confident and more effective in their job roles.

The best bit is when you see people you’ve worked with passing on their knowledge to colleagues and the benefit of this type of cross knowledge transfer to the business.

I love most sports, in particular I play tennis and ride horses and I enjoy playing a few instruments which keeps me busy in my spare time.

The Electra people. It really is like a family, it's the banter that you can have with your family, and the supportive environment that only a family can provide.

I genuinely enjoy being witness to that "Aha" moment. You know, when you have a delegate who is apprehensive about change or lacking in confidence and then suddenly their facial expression changes and they say "Aha, now I get it". It's moments like that, removing the fear, making life easier for someone and helping them gain confidence that I love.

Personal - When I was 13, I qualified for the Under 14s and played tennis at Wimbledon. My least proud moment was during that tournament, when I somehow managed to lock myself in the players toilets and had to be rescued.

Professional - I can't name one specific proud professional moment, it's lots of little moments that I remember proudly that come to mind. Instances where I have really made a difference to someone's life.