At the project kick-off stage, after discussion, you would provide us with any support or current materials that will help our team draft a script.

At this stage, we meet with you and go through our Scope of requirements to confirm your needs and expectations. After this, a revised proposal may be issued to reflect any changes to scope that have been raised. We may also need some time to familiarise ourselves with the subject matter.

Script Draft Production

We start pulling together a script based on your existing content. We will then commence with our first meeting to go over the script to have it raised to Version 1.

Script Approval

This is your opportunity to review the script and recommend any changes that you require. Any changes will be incorporated into the script and it will then be approved by you ready to pass onto the developers to work their magic. 

Milestone 1: Script Sign-off

Storyboarding and Initial Prototype Ideas

Once we have version 1 of the script, we will hand this over to the development team who will present you with an idea of design and layouts, with branding via storyboards / initial prototype. 

Prototype Approval

Using specialist review tool Review 360, we will send you the initial build of the course and collect your feedback.


Upon your feedback we will begin to build your course based on the approved prototype.

Milestone 2: Alpha Course Build Complete

Content Review

This is your chance to review the Alpha course build. Depending on the complexity of the course there may be more than one review cycle.

Final changes

After the course has been through the review cycle, we will then record the real voiceover, from the finalised script, and then add it to the final version of the course.

Quality Control and Testing

Everything that goes out our doors is tested vigorously to make sure everything is just right. Ideally, we like to get a sample group from your intended audience involved.

Milestone 2: Course Release


Lastly, we set-up your finished product on the agreed delivery platform. We will assist you in the rollout of the content to your relevant audience.