At Electra, we are committed to making a difference and each year we choose two worthy charities to support and focus our fundraising efforts towards them. We are extremely pleased to announce that we have nominated Mental Health Aberdeen and Ditch Debt with Dignity as our chosen charities this year.

We hope to take part in some fundraising activities to raise some money and awareness for those who deserve it. Please help us to achieve this by keeping up to date with our social media posts and announcements.

Find out more about our chosen charities and fundraising efforts for this year below.

Mental Health Aberdeen

A local charity that provides counselling and information services to adults and young people experiencing difficulties related to their mental health and wellbeing.

We’ve supported thousands of people across the past 70 years, and due to Covid-19 our work is more important than ever.

So we can help more people, we’re moving to a city centre location with improved counselling and training facilities.

Charlie House - Our Vision
Charlie House - Our Vision

Ditch Debt with Dignity

Ditch Debt with Dignity help you find hope in financial crisis.

They believe that no matter how bad a person’s financial situation, there is always a solution, there is always hope.

Their vision is to create a world where people are not ashamed to ask for help when they are in financial crisis and that there is free guidance available to anyone who needs it.

Together they will help you take the first steps to finding the right debt solutions for you and support you to leave behind any anger, shame or guilt you may be feeling.

Please see below for 'The Road to Reclaiming Financial Peace' resource that the team at Electra created for Ditch Debt with Dignity.

The Road to Reclaiming Financial Peace (

Grampian Flyers
Grampian Flyers