Electra Learning Toolkit Part 2

How HR teams are eliminating training admin with automated booking systems

HR and training professionals waste hundreds of hours every year getting caught up in the tedious administrative tasks associated with arranging and coordinating training. With companies increasingly adopting a hybrid approach of both digital learning and in-person training, managing training with spreadsheets and emails is cumbersome and outdated.

Now, automated booking systems specifically designed to synchronise with other training software such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) are transforming how HR and Learning and Development teams deliver training. By cutting the time needed to coordinate sessions, from managing trainer and room availability to empowering employees to manage their own bookings, all within a highly visual dashboard.

Today’s platforms easily plug into existing software so that all data is shared seamlessly between the two systems.

Key benefits include:

• Reduced time spent managing event bookings

• Improved efficiencies with self-service or approval-based course booking

• Consolidated tasks with resource and room management tools

• Automated processes with customisable reminders, alerts and calendar attachments

• Simplified attendance tracking with an intuitive tracker and customisable sign-in registers

• Individuals can view all relevant training courses and no longer need managers to suggest sessions    

Automated training booking systems developed with deep industry knowledge

Electra has drawn on its deep experience of delivering hybrid training across multiple industries to develop a powerful booking system as part of a flexible Learning Tool Kit. Since implementing the platform in 2021 one client alone has delivered 1,171 seminar sessions managed with the booking system, rolled out 178 courses and attracted 7,143 users.

They estimate that the time required to manually manage the delivery of training has shrunk by 35% while attendance for courses has increased by 60%.

By automating the process of booking training HR and learning and development professionals gain back their time – enabling them to focus on strategic priorities. Learn more about how your HR team benefit.

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