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Is your LMS getting in the way of delivering training?

As businesses increasingly adopt a hybrid approach to workforce learning, many have turned to Learning Management Systems (LMS) to deliver digital training programmes. Yet, while an LMS offers an effective and flexible way of delivering learning, it often remains disconnected from in-person training.

Too often LMS fails to solve the time-consuming challenge of coordinating sessions, attendees, trainers, and venues.

Now, automated booking systems that sync with LMS solutions, are powering up workforce training – helping businesses overcome the biggest barriers to successfully delivering organisational learning: the time and resources required to coordinate training and a lack of employee engagement.

Automation frees HR teams from manually coordinating training

New digital booking systems are helping smaller businesses, as well as their larger counterparts, minimise the administrative tasks needed to deliver team learning. Courses can be scheduled, and trainer and employee availability quickly identified and managed, all from a single hub. This also includes the prevention of double booking trainers and rooms.

The system tracks and coordinates all aspects including room and trainer availability within a highly visual dashboard so that HR teams can quickly identify the best options – reducing all the back and forth between different parties.

Employees are empowered and more engaged

The system encourages a change in the mindset of employees too. Businesses have the option of showing employees all available courses. This means individuals no longer have to wait to be told by their manager which courses they should attend but can be proactive in their professional development and identify the courses they believe would be of benefit.

A user-friendly, self-service booking system allows learners to choose which course is right for them and directly manage their booking. Employees can book directly on the platform by following a link from an email or their intranet so that all data is in a single hub.

Every booked session is automatically saved to each learner’s  calendar.

Learners can declare an interest in attending a session where there are no current sessions available, or a known date for the event, enabling learning and development teams to accurately assess the demand for proposed training events.

Enhance team training with Electra

The automated booking system sits at the core of Electra’s smart Learning Toolkit which features a suite of other functionality to deliver training that is aligned with learners’ roles, training needs and objectives.

Teams get a rich learning solution that can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the investment required for equivalent proprietary solutions. The toolkit is designed to automate complex processes and get results.

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More information can also be found in our Learning Toolkit page.

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