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‘Engage, Train, Sustain’- the Electra methodology Part 2

In the second of our series of blogs, Niamh McIvor discusses the unique Electra approach to Change Management. In this edition you can learn all about the second phase of this process: ‘Train’. 

Progressing onto stage two of our methodology: ‘Train’, we will explore not only how we provide training but how we empower our clients through the process.  


Our clients approach us with a distinct goal: to gain the knowledge, expertise and practical skills essential to achieving success, this is their ‘why’. At Electra, our clients are the backbone of our ‘why’; we want to see them succeed. Our role is therefore, to seamlessly convey our expertise in a manner that ensures easy comprehension, maintains knowledge retention rates and sustains client engagement.   


Training is the bridge that transforms knowledge into success. However, it’s not simply about sharing knowledge; it’s about empowering our clients to harness their full potential. To seamlessly deliver this transformative training, we follow our internal PMP framework. This project management process enables us to intricately design our client’s training journey from start to finish.  

The project commences by conducting a comprehensive training needs analysis, gaining insights into our client’s unique business environment and forming the basis of a tailored training proposal. With this foundation in place, we initiate the process by designing an appropriate timeline, gaining system familiarisation and developing relevant training materials. These efforts ensure the attainment of the project deliverables.   

Finally, our training is delivered within an open, encouraged and relaxed environment, fostering an atmosphere where questions are welcomed and confidence is instilled. As the training concludes, we evaluate our success, often through an extensive ‘lessons learned’ activity. This identifies successful project components and potential improvements, enabling us to adapt our strategies accordingly.   


Classroom Based Instruction-Led Training  

Classroom training is delivered by Electra Training Consultants, with extensive hands-on knowledge from those who are experts in their field. Participants will interact with facilitators and other participants, working on examples and scenarios in the services environment.  

Live Virtual Training   

Virtual training offers top-quality learning through a convenient and engaging online classroom. This training model saves time, creates flexibility for classroom numbers, and eliminates travel and other costs, through working on examples and scenarios remotely.  

eLearning Modules  

Our interactive eLearning courses replicate your software’s functionality to provide users with hands-on training in a safe practice environment, providing an interactive means of learning for all users.  


Our primary training challenge stems from clients limited experience in Change Management.  This is evident through their lack of awareness regarding how their job will be impacted after training, creating a resistance towards change. Additionally, insufficient communication results in unset expectations on both our client’s and trainer’s front’s. Our Change Management services address these issues, setting clear expectations, enabling change to be embraced seamlessly.  


Watching our clients excel through training motivates our unwavering commitment to our mission. Our team of trainers embody dedication, passion and expertise in everything they do. Should your goals align and resonate with ours, we warmly invite you to reach out to us at  info@electralearning.com