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‘Engage, Train, Sustain’- the Electra methodology

In the first of a series of blogs, Niamh McIvor discusses the Electra approach to Change Management and what sets us apart from the crowd. In this edition you can learn all about the initial part of this process: ‘Engage‘.

In todays’ rapidly evolving landscape, technologies are advancing at an ever-progressing rate, and adapting to these changes has become crucial. Keeping up with constant advancements in the workplace can be a daunting challenge, leaving many feeling overwhelmed. If this is you, you are not alone! We have all faced confusion and resistance when confronted with the newest software change. This is why we are experts in this field, as we have been in your shoes. We have created a service tailored to these exact challenges, through our three-stage Change Management methodology: Engage, Train, Sustain. This has been the driving force behind numerous success stories within our clients’ testimonies. This blog will guide you through stage 1: Engage.  


Change Management is a vital cornerstone within successful workplace transformations. As organisations undergo significant changes, our main objective is to mitigate potential disruptions and stress, ensuring a smoother experience. Thorough planning, effective communication and comprehensive training are essential at every step to fully understand the unique business environment and tailor our approach accordingly.   


What defines successful engagement? Based on previous experience, those who succeed, proactively seek advice and embrace guidance when navigating change. This inclination to improve and actively participate ultimately stems from motivation, in turn answering our question: the key to engagement lies in motivation. As such, our mission at this stage is clear: to boost motivation levels by providing a clear, captivating and exciting path to success.   

To achieve this, we proactively communicate with our clients before any project. This can range from In Classroom Awareness Sessions, ensuring clients have clarity on the purpose of Change Management; to online resources such as emails to encourage and support their journey. Additionally, we firmly value teamwork, as what best complements maintaining motivation, but a strong support network around you. This is why our dedicated team is fully devoted to your continuous development, ensuring that you and your company can embrace change together. With the right level of motivation and a strong support network, you and your team are primed for success.  


Ineffective engagement contributes to failed Change Management. We avoid this risk by nurturing strong relationships with our clients, ensuring a collaborative journey. Furthermore, the strength of Change Management is its tailored nature. Whether addressing resistance to change or navigating specific challenges, we collaborate closely to customise each step. This ensures that we understand where you are and where you need to be, mapping the journey for you to avoid unwarranted stress or confusion.  


Data shows that effective Change Management drives greater benefit realisation and achievement of results. By joining with Electra on your learning journey, you will be able to confidently navigate and embrace workplace transformations. Let us help you make the journey smoother, successful, and stress free for your entire team.  

Contact us at info@electralearning.com to find out how we can aid you in your Change Management needs.