Heather Coull

Heather Coull

I love what I do… and I’ve had plenty of practice! To date, I have accrued around 20 years’ experience gained across public sector, 3rd sector and latterly private sector organisations (including oil & gas). Initially, I began my career within generalist Human Resources, prior to specialising within employee learning & development – including non-technical training, learning management systems and competence assurance.

People, learning and continuous development are my passions. Learning never stops and life never stops teaching. Being part of the team at electra has provided me with opportunity to continually evolve and consequently be able to support both our team and your team.

I believe that life is better when it is kept simple. And it sounds better with a great soundtrack! I am happiest when outside for a walk in the fresh air (often linked with fundraising for charities) and/or when singing along or tapping out a drum beat to my favourite songs. I also enjoy volunteering with community groups and charities – a positive, caring can do attitude reaps its own rewards!

If I could sum up electra in one sentence I'd say...

“Supportive, friendly, fun & creative – the electra team make a positive commitment to learning from every scenario.” 

As a child my sister and I were encouraged by our parents to be active in our community, to help others. From a young age we volunteered and fundraised for local groups and charities – including sponsored walk events and performing songs at the City Hospital, Sheltered Housing & Care Homes. As an adult, I have carried this forward – by donating my time and/or resources to help other people.

Donating time is just as valuable as money and materials, I have volunteered with food banks and childrens charities – doing whatever is needed. This has sometimes included beach clean-ups, running a foodbank collection point, running an information stall, preparing food parcels, and washing/drying/ironing clothing and toys in readiness to be paid forward.

Sadly, the level of need has increased so much in recent years – evidenced by foodbanks in our local communities. I feel strongly that everybody (without discrimination) should have access to what they need to live a happy life.

To date I have focused on Microsoft 365 projects. Microsoft 365 is constantly evolving with new and innovative applications, so this keeps me on my toes! I learned from my Grandad that “every day is a school day”. For me, it certainly is!

I also really enjoy the interaction with learners – recognising, understanding & responding to their needs. Learning experiences are best when delivered in the context of individual learner’s needs. Frequently, we (learners and I) learn from each other and this helps build great relationships as we move forward.

Moving from predominately face to face training to virtual learning has been a learning curve for all of us! For me personally, I like to hold interactive sessions – being able to see and hear each other to respond to audio/visual cues helps keep sessions informal and relaxed. In our virtual world, I encourage learners to switch on their cameras and microphones and to ‘be present’ throughout.

I like to decompress after a busy week by getting out into the fresh air and going for a good long walk. My husband and I enjoy hill walking and we have climbed Ben Nevis, Ben Lomond and Lochnagar. We are working our way through various guidebooks for recommended walks – though the easier the gradient, the more relaxing the walk. 😉

My husband plays rugby for Aberdeen Wanderers, and previously also played for Aberdeenshire Rugby. I enjoy supporting from the sidelines – though my knowledge of rugby rules is less than comprehensive. Rugby has been a large part of our lives together - in fact, we got engaged on the sidelines of a rugby pitch immediately after a game. My engagement ring had been hidden in the 1st Aid Kit for the full 80 minutes.

I have worked in a few hotels where I met some celebrities – though unfortunately I very rarely knew who they were! But this meant that I could have a good ‘blether’ with them as there was no awkwardness on my part. As far as I was concerned, they were simply another hotel guest.

Ronnie O’Sullivan would often pass by the reception in his running shorts and throw his trousers over to me to fold up and take care of whilst he went on his run. I got along so well with a group of guests that (after my shift) I joined them for a trip to the cinema – I had no idea that they were Huey Morgan and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals! I also had lovely lengthy chats with ‘Allo ‘Allo!’s Rene Artois actor Gorden Kaye. The one celebrity that gets me completely star-struck is Scottish singer-songwriter Dougie MacLean – ironic, given how very laidback he is. I’m simply in awe of his musical talent. Look him up – you might find a song (or two) that you recognise 😉