Is inadequate Maximo training putting compliance at risk?

With increased scrutiny in the field of QHSE (or HSEQ, Heath, Safety, Environment and Quality) in the oil and gas industry, how energy companies use data to reduce risks, drive performance and improve reporting is key.

Allison Quinn, Maximo Delivery Manager (North America) at Electra, explains the impact inadequate Maximo Training can have on QHSE/HSEQ compliance and what companies can do to ensure a successful integration that delivers clear performance improvements across operational activity.

The need for a high-performing asset management system has never been clearer. With ageing assets, delayed maintenance programmes and increased regulatory attention energy companies are under no illusion that more needs to be done to address these challenges.

While introducing a digital asset management solution is an important first step, it is only the beginning. A people-focused approach to Maximo is essential. No matter how effective the technology is, it is only with a highly competent team of users that organisations will be able to optimise the use of the technology. Gaining unrivalled insights to improve asset management performance and ensure compliance.

The better prepared users are, the more likely they will be to follow the correct processes for entering, processing, and using asset management data. This will avoid transferring traditional challenges of siloed information and inaccurate or incomplete data to the new system.

Providing continuous learning opportunities from early in the transition to Maximo increases system adoption, enhances productivity and helps to achieve a return on investment faster. Yet, with Maximo often being seen as an IT project, training is often seen as little more than a tick box exercise with a one-and-done full day session delivered prior to go-live.  This sets users up to fail. Providing them with inadequate time to familiarise themselves with the system and how to best use it to deliver the transformational results expected.

It is an organisation’s people who will make the real difference. How they use and interact with the system will determine just how successful Maximo is at addressing asset management needs. A blended approach that combines digital learning and in person coaching that is also tailored to specific roles ensures users are confident and improve collaboration across the organisation.

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