Jan Horn

Jan Horn

I mainly deal with Finance and Administration which means being involved in analysing data from projects and using it to present information for future planning and to improve our processes.

The other area I love about my role is presenting induction IT sessions for clients; I really enjoy being able to help new starts find their way through masses of information they are presented with and giving them a roadmap to follow in their first few weeks of employment.

I work part time and spend the rest of my time as a volunteer Girlguiding Rainbow leader and as a quilt teacher. What I love is that the skills I learn and use in my work at electra transfer to my personal life and vice versa!

If I could sum up electra in one sentence I'd say...

“We are not only providing the tools for training, but we can also provide the toolbox, the instructions and the maintenance manual” 

I volunteered for the Girl Guiding  and was County Commissioner for several years. Being part of arranging an OLLY MURS concert for over 5000 rather excited young girls was a HIGHLIGHT.

Helping a really great, super friendly team. The Electra team really CARE about each other, and I see it as my role to HELP and SUPPORT the team in the delivery of their role. If I can make things EASIER for them, then that makes me HAPPY.

My greatest personal achievement is my two HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL children.

I don’t have a work achievement, I am a TEAM PLAYER and all achievements are because of the team, not one individual.

My husband and I went to KENYA for our Pearl Wedding Anniversary. Watching the SERENGETI MIGRATION was AMAZING, but also made me feel very small and insignificant. We spent time camping under the stars, although the tent did have an en suite so I guess it was GLAMPING.

I also volunteer for Home Start, offering ADVICE and SUPPORT to those in need, and the life skills gained in those volunteering roles are transferable to my work role, and VICE VERSA. I am FORTUNATE that Electra allows me the FLEXIBILITY at work to support the charitable causes that I am involved in.

No-one, I like my job just as it is. I originally started at Electra as a Planner in 2013 and since then the role has MORPHED into what it is today. That’s the beauty of Electra, you are given the OPPORTUNITY to mould the position to suit your skills. No role at Electra is static, we continue to evolve as INDIVIDUALS and as a company.