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Jasmine Clark – First week of Placement

Stand up

For the people who aren’t too sure about doing placement.

I’m currently in my 3rd stage of communication design, and this means one thing: the opportunity to do placement has arrived. For me, before university, I would have never! I still had thoughts telling me that I wasn’t ready for this. It’s a perfectly normal feeling to have, it’s also a feeling that will subside.


I was really lucky to have the opportunity to work with Electra Learning, I had watched placements come and go from the site for months before I felt something fitting. It came as a surprise too, who would have thought an eLearning company? But it just felt right.

I had seen from Electra’s LinkedIn page (if you’re not on it already, now’s the time) I had a mutual friend who worked for them. Jay spoke so highly of Electra that it helped to put me at ease about my decision to do placement. He prompted me to ask the team about a blue plaster story… If I work hard enough I’ll hear it at the end of placement as a reward!


This is my second week of placement and Electra has made me feel welcome despite working from home. They’ve set me up with a buddy too, Stuart’s pretty cool.

My favourite part of the working day is Stand Up, where at 9am every morning we get to have a blether before discussing our plan of action for the day, it had a big effect on how I settled into the company. Jay was right, everyone is class!


Electra plan to have me alternating between marketing and eLearning bi-weekly, these first two weeks have been about marketing. I’ve designed concepts for a logo and a bunch of templates. All in all, it feels like it should be easy but there was so much to learn. Took me a week to become accustomed to their branding, there are so many possibilities in university but I liked how I had to dial it down to fit with Electra’s style.


Honestly, after this placement ends it will be hard to go back to university because I feel like part of the team. Stacking shelves now seem foreign to me since I’ve worked a 9-5 job, I had free weekends for the first time in years! Electra has made me super excited for my future in the creative industry, the next 8 weeks will be great for sure.

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