Lawrie Pratt

Lawrie Pratt

As an eLearning Developer I am responsible for developing the content in our e-learning courses. Ensuring the courses are clear and engaging for the learner is my top priority. This allows me to unleash my creative side. From an early age I’ve loved graphics, animation and video production and to now be in a job that allows me to make such things every day is a dream come true. Knowing that my work has hopefully made the training process easier and more fun for learners is an added bonus!

Out with work, I am a Cub Scout Leader which I absolutely love. Growing up as a Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer has given me valuable life skills and so many amazing experiences. To be able to offer those same opportunities to the next generation feels very rewarding.

I enjoy walking and running - usually as two separate activities, and while I’ve always had a keen eye for photography I recently picked up my first DSLR so now jump at any opportunity to get out there and use it. I enjoy getting the lens up close and personal with nature. Consequently I’m now very well acquainted with the neighbour’s cat as well as the ladybirds and snails in my back garden.

If I could sum up electra in one sentence I'd say...

A great place to work with a great bunch of people where every day is a learning day!”