Learning Management System

Our LMS offering enables you to deliver training that is aligned with your learners’ roles, training needs and objectives. You get a functionally rich learning solution that can be implemented quickly and at a fraction of the investment required for equivalent proprietary solutions.

We can host your content on our own system, or we can build a fully branded and customised system that meets your company's individual requirements.

Learning Management

Assign and track your essential compliance training, tailored for each job role. Build personalised learning pathways and set learning objectives, priorities and deadlines. Link skills and competencies to job profiles and monitor proficiency levels.

Learning Content

Deliver engaging, mobile-optimised learning and support blended learning by scheduling live classroom or online training events. Encourage collaboration and user generated content with wikis, forums and blogs.

Performance Management

Set goals, run appraisals and gather 360 feedback for effective performance management. Understand team performance with customisable team dashboards.


Customise your user experience with our tailored, mobile-ready branding of your LMS. Seamlessly integrate your HR data to truly reflect your organisation and improve the sign-on experience with Single Sign-On (SSO). Reach a global audience with over 30 customisable languages.

Powerful Reporting

Gain insights into your users learning and performance with a powerful report builder. Track progress and run analytics to display graphically on customisable reporting dashboards. Schedule key reports to be delivered automatically by e-mail.

Key Features

Easy course building: Create engaging courses with tools for collaboration, assessment, communication and interactive learning content.


Classroom and online event booking: Powerful scheduling tool for classroom training events. Built-in virtual classroom for live online training.



Skills and competencies: Build skills and competency frameworks, link to course completion and review in appraisals.


Team Management

Team management: Empower managers to play an active role in their team’s learning and development.

Compliance Tracking

Compliance tracking: Monitor compliance across your organisation with automated, renewable training.


Automated Allocation

Automated allocation: Save time on admin tasks with automated, rule-based allocation of learning.



Advanced reporting: Gain detailed insights with custom-built reports. Display impactful charts on custom dashboards and automate reports.


Custom Branding

Customised branding: Customise the look-and-feel to match your unique branding.

Advanced Features


Hierarchies enable you to set up any number of frameworks that best represent the structure of your organisation. This enables you to create the specific structures and relationships of job positions and different sections of your organisation. Learning can then be mapped to individual job roles, management levels, departments, teams and groups. Hierarchies are highly configurable to provide the structures which facilitate position and organisation-specific learning plans, competency evaluation, filtered reporting and management.


    • Automate learning assignment based on HR data
    • Deliver custom reports, pre-filtered to show relevant data from the user’s position, department, or management level
    • Adapt the system to employee career paths with synchronised hierarchies
    • Map competencies with job roles and departments for tailored learning plans

You can learn more about Hierarchies in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Learning Plans

Employees are most likely the biggest cost and management challenge in your organisation, and it’s critically important to align employee development with organisational strategies.

Learning Plans within enable your employees to develop the specific competencies needed to improve performance in their present position or to prepare for new responsibilities. With quick and targeted access to relevant learning, employees can see their progress at a glance.


    • Empower employees to manage their own learning and development
    • Enable complete flexibility with custom workflows
    • Encourage employee and manager collaboration
    • Prove achievement with uploaded evidence of other learning

You can learn more about Learning Plans in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Team Management

Regular team performance check-ins help you keep your teams working like a well-oiled machine. The competencies, goals and objectives features within the LMS enable you to plan development across your team, ensuring that individual development plans and learning objectives fit with the goals of the wider team and the organisation and that everyone is heading in the right direction.

Our LMS lets team managers realise the full potential from their teams by ensuring that staff have clear competencies and personal goals and that all team members have an active development plan, as well as by providing tools to monitor progress against learning objectives.


    • Improve staff performance by ensuring staff have clear goals, objectives and competencies assigned
    • Keep managers up-to-date with customisable team dashboards
    • Deliver actionable tasks and alerts to managers with automated notifications
    • Reduce the pressure on L&D by giving managers control over their employee’s learning and development

You can learn more about Team Management in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Content Management

Our system has a wide range of content creation and management features, enabling you to populate online, offline and blended courses with a variety of customised learning content and activities.

Externally authored e-learning content can be uploaded directly as SCORM, IMS or AICC packages with progress, scores and completion tracked and reported upon within the LMS.

The content marketplace offers the opportunity for you to extend your learning catalogue, or supplement existing courses, programs and certifications with ready-to-go eLearning content.


    • Streamline your course creation with drag-and-drop and an intuitive editing tool
    • Extend your offering with ready-made content from the content marketplace
    • Prove learning transfer with interactive quizzes, question banks and automated feedback
    • Automate the learning journey with completion tracking and access restrictions

You can learn more about Content Management in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Instructor-led Training

Many businesses offer fully blended learning programmes using a mix of learning interventions. The LMS enables you to manage a range of face-to-face learning events from internal classroom sessions to external workshops or small conferences.

Using our LMS, you can quickly and efficiently schedule events and see at a glance all upcoming training sessions with the dedicated dashboards.


    • Reduce time spent managing event bookings with an efficient and powerful scheduling tool
    • Improve efficiencies with self-service or approval-based course booking
    • Consolidate your tasks with resource and room management tools
    • Automate your processes with customisable reminders, alerts and calendar attachments
    • Simplify attendance tracking with an intuitive tracker and customisable sign-in registers

You can learn more about Instructor-led Training in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Assessment and Achievement

Assessing the progress and understanding of your learners is critical in ensuring your training material and events are not only informative but effective.

The LMS that we offer has a range of assessment options from a powerful inbuilt quiz engine to more formal assignment submissions. You can also load assessments developed with popular third-party authoring tools and send scores and completion information to a central course gradebook.


    • Boost learner engagement with a range of question types
    • Increase efficiencies with sharable question banks
    • Automate the assessment and evaluation process with response-tailored feedback
    • Assess learner tasks in greater depth with a customisable assignment tool
    • Recognise achievement with digital badges and customisable certificates

You can learn more about Assessment and Achievement in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.


Reporting is a key feature of our LMS with a powerful, flexible, custom report builder. We ensure you have a complete picture of usage, progress and achievement across your organisation.

It also includes the ability to customise dashboards to give selected users quick access to key information.


    • Ensure you have the complete picture with timely and targeted reports
    • Drive visual impact with powerful graphical reporting options
    • Reduce administration with pre-filtered reports to show relevant data
    • Spot trends and take swift action with high-level reporting dashboards

You can learn more about Reporting in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Performance Management

Investing in your staff’s ongoing development will not only foster a stronger, more engaged workforce, but will help your organisation remain a responsive and evolving force within your sector.

We provide the means to measure, monitor and encourage personal and professional development, and offer staff, managers and your HR team a comprehensive performance management tool.


    • Combine HR and L&D with a single system for learning and performance
    • Automate your performance appraisals with integrated review of learning items
    • Improve completion rates with due dates and customisable, automated reminders
    • Widen your view of performance with custom 360 feedback forms
    • Drive team performance with personal development and company goal management

You can learn more about Performance Management in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Audience Management

Effective learner management and administration can be a significant time and resource investment for an organisation committed to staff development.

Audience management enables you to balance quick and efficient administration of learners with personalisation of an individual’s learning and development requirements.

Audiences empower administrators to create groups of users via individual selection or by dynamic creation and update, based on users matching certain criteria such as profile information, job role, organisation, previously completed learning or last access date.


    • Reduce administration tasks with audience-controlled learning assignment
    • Personalise the learning experience with audience-based visibility of learning
    • Improve efficiencies with rule-based allocation of audience membership
    • Adapt the user experience with custom dashboards for each audience

You can learn more about Audience Management in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.

Management Compliance

Many organisations operate in highly regulated or safety-critical environments where compliance is a legal and regulatory requirement. The ability to determine compliance criteria and maintain a clear and accurate audit trail is a critical requirement.

The LMS offers a range of tools to assign the correct learning programs to the right people, automate recertification reminders and generate comprehensive reports on completions and non-compliance.


    • Deliver role-specific, custom learning pathways with multicourse programs
    • Increase compliance rates with automated, renewable certifications
    • Reduce administration with customisable, automated notifications
    • Keep informed with red-amber-green compliance status reports

You can learn more about Management Compliance in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.


A branding service that brings your organisation’s branding to your LMS.

We work from an example of your branding, typically a reference website but we can use any developed examples of your branding supported by your brand guidelines.

We don’t build and forget; our Branding Assurance ensures that our team maintains your Brand It branding through version upgrades.


    • Responsive format for mobile devices
    • Graphical tiles layouts – in course and course listings
    • Custom / Main menu styling
    • Front page image slider with overlay text
    • Front page quick links buttons with images
    • Front page text area
    • Customisable header strapline
    • Customisable footer content area
    • Login page customisation
    • Your favicon

You can learn more about Branding in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.


PayForCourses is a simple and secure way to sell your eLearning courses.

Customers visit your online store, select the course(s) they wish to purchase, add them to their shopping cart and pay online through your selected payment processor. Sellers have an array of options to promote and sell courses.


    • Sell single courses or bundles of courses
    • Sales for multiple participants
    • LMS integration
    • Promote your products
    • Seamless branding
    • Extensive reports

You can learn more about eCommerce in our full LMS Service Pack - Contact us today for a copy.