Hierarchies - what are they?

Hierarchies enable you to set up any number of frameworks that best represent the structure of your organisation. This enables you to create the specific structures and relationships of job positions and different sections of your organisation.
Course Manager

Build competency structures for your organisation.

Learning can then be mapped to individual job roles, management levels, departments, teams and groups. Hierarchies are highly configurable to provide the structures which facilitate position and organisation-specific learning plans, competency evaluation, filtered reporting and management.

A LMS that empowers the energy sector
to take control of its learning

Learning Management

Learning Management

User-friendly system to easily build personalised learning pathways and set learning objectives, priorities and deadlines. Allowing you to link skills and competencies to job profiles and monitor proficiency levels.

Performance Management

Performance Management

Efficiently set goals, run appraisals and gather 360 feedback for effective performance management. Monitor progress at a glance with customisable dashboards.


Your questions about hierarchies answered!

Accordion Sample Description
Accordion Sample Description

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