Lorraine Warren

Lorraine Warren

I have a varied background, including Local Council, Police Scotland and Oil and Gas. I am very fortunate to have found a role at electra that allows me to use my creative side and where every day is a school day.

I am married with a 9 year old son and enjoy reading and watching documentaries and quiz shows.

I love to learn something new every day, so I'm an avid Google fan.

Lorraine Warren – Spotlight Interview

I loved the beauty of Switzerland when I visited during a school trip. I also have great memories of my time in Jamaica where I got married, with just 4 guests with us. It was beautiful and very relaxed.

My son makes me proud every day, but one moment that stands out was when he wanted to spend his holiday money on a man who unfortunately was sleeping rough on the street. Freddie actively looked for him each day in Blackpool so he could buy him lunch and a drink and give him money to help pay for him to find a hostel for the night.

Growing up I wanted to be a nurse and even thought about signing up to the Army to do my nurse training. I briefly wanted to be a nun (after watching Sound of Music) because I thought it would be great to spend all day singing and dancing in the fields.

I loved sports and I played football for Aberdeen Ladies Football Club. My mum always said I had legs like Kevin Keegan which still haunts me to this day. I remember skiving off school when Aberdeen won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983, we got into big trouble but it was worth it to see the players with the trophy. Years later I was stoked to meet John Hewitt when we worked together at Repsol, well at least once I got over the embarrassment of telling him “I used to come and take photos of you” when I first met him. To clarify, this was when the team were training at Seaton Park...