Audience Management

Effective learner management and administration can be a significant time and resource investment for an organisation committed to staff development.

Audience management enables you to balance quick and efficient administration of learners with personalisation of an individual’s learning and development requirements.

  • Reduce administration tasks with audience-controlled learning assignment
  • Personalise the learning experience with audience-based visibility of learning
  • Improve efficiencies with rule-based allocation of audience membership
  • Adapt the user experience with custom dashboards for each audience

Audiences empower administrators to create groups of users via individual selection or by dynamic creation and update, based on users matching certain criteria such as profile information, job role, organisation, previously completed learning or last access date.

  • An individual’s training needs are dependent on not only a learner’s current job assignment and organisation, but also their past experience, current knowledge and future aspirations.
  • Audience management ensures learners are automatically enrolled into the courses, programs and certifications that match their current learning and development requirements.
  • Mandatory training can be automatically assigned to the relevant individuals as they join the organisation or change role.
Using audiences, you can assign user groups specific learning plan templates or company goals and customise a learner’s development workflows and objectives based on their job assignment and area of the organisation.

Dashboards and core navigation items can be targeted to specific audiences to provide a personalised and professional development environment for each learner.

The audience's functionality enables you to permit access to learning items to certain groups of users or highlight certain courses, programs and certifications to others. This means that, for example, courses designed only for internal staff or external customers can be available to members of the relevant audience only, providing a custom learning catalogue for every user.

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