Booking System

Many businesses offer fully blended learning programmes using a mix of learning interventions. The Learning Toolkit enables you to manage a range of face-to-face learning events from internal classroom sessions to external workshops or small conferences.

Using our Learning Toolkit, you can quickly and efficiently schedule events and see at a glance all upcoming training sessions with the dedicated dashboards.

  • Reduce time spent managing event bookings with an efficient and powerful scheduling tool
  • Improve efficiencies with self-service or approval-based course booking
  • Consolidate your tasks with resource and room management tools
  • Automate your processes with customisable reminders, alerts and calendar attachments
  • Simplify attendance tracking with an intuitive tracker and customisable sign-in registers
  • With user-friendly, self-service booking systems, learners can find and choose the course and session right for them and manage their booking directly. Once booked, event details can be a saved to a learner’s (and their manager’s) calendar using the iCal standard for Outlook, Google and a range of other calendar systems.
  • Learners can declare interest in attending a session where there are no current sessions available or a known date for the event, enabling learning and development teams to accurately assess the demand for proposed training events.
  • We  also offer a range of workflows for a manager and administrator-driven session booking including email-based request and two-stage approval, re-booking based on previous attendance status, manual booking and pre-booked reservations for team members.
  • The inbuilt room management functionality equips administrators with the ability to create predefined rooms or venues with address, capacity and equipment information as well as preventing double booking of training spaces.
  • Resources such as laptops or projectors can also be created within the system and linked to training events, alongside trainers and services with scheduling conflicts identified swiftly and efficiently.
  • Trainers and administrators can mark attendance at training events individually, in bulk or via a customisable signup sheet. With both small and large events easily managed within the system itself, attendance can be tracked and counted towards the professional development of your learners.
  • Sessions which are fully booked can employ a wait listing system, so any cancelled bookings can be offered to the next learner in line or by random lottery.
  • Automated, customisable, personalised and multilanguage notifications alert learners and managers alike of booking confirmations, updates and reminders of upcoming events.

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