A branding service that brings your organisation’s branding to your learning platform. We work from an example of your branding, typically a reference website but we can use any developed examples of your branding supported by your brand guidelines. Key Features include:
  • Responsive format for mobile devices
  • Graphical tiles layouts – in course and course listings
  • Custom / Main menu styling
  • Front page image slider with overlay text
  • Front page quick links buttons with images
  • Front page text area
  • Customisable header strapline
  • Customisable footer content area
  • Login page customisation
  • Your favicon

Step 1 Online Meeting and Confirmation: Your online meeting takes place to agree how we’ll translate your brand. We send you a summary of the meeting outcome to agree or refine.

Step 2 Build Commences: We schedule in the build of your branding and arrange to have it peer reviewed within our team.

Step 3 Branding Reveal Call: Our media developer guides you through your new branding.

Step 4 Feedback and Refinement: You review your completed branding over 2 (max) revision cycles. You’ll have up to 5 days for each review period. We’ll make any necessary amendments that fall within the scope of the service.

Step 5 Go Live: We’ll apply the branding to your site.

Step 6 Support: Your 12-month support continues.

Typical Lead Time: 6 Weeks

Our Branding Lite service enables you to lift the presentation of your site from the default with minimal financial outlay.

Branding Lite includes an easy-to-use interface for you to customise numerous visual elements. We can design for you or be on hand to assist.

  • Responsive format for mobile devices
  • Easy to customise - no coding required
  • Site Width
  • Colours: Brand primary colour, text, links, page background
  • Page background image
  • Header layout
  • Logo
  • Front page image slider: Height, overlay, colour, controls, slide transition
  • Front page text area
  • Front page category listing
  • Front page quick links: images, heading and target URL
  • Login page image
  • Logo carousel
  • Footer
  • Social media links

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