Hierarchies enable you to set up any number of frameworks that best represent the structure of your organisation. This enables you to create the specific structures and relationships of job positions and different sections of your organisation. Learning can then be mapped to individual job roles, management levels, departments, teams and groups. Hierarchies are highly configurable to provide the structures which facilitate position and organisation-specific learning plans, competency evaluation, filtered reporting and management.

  • Automate learning assignment based on HR data
  • Deliver custom reports, pre-filtered to show relevant data from the user’s position, department, or management level
  • Adapt the system to employee career paths with synchronised hierarchies
  • Map competencies with job roles and departments for tailored learning plans
  • With support for multiple competency frameworks, you can build compliance and competency structures across all sections and job positions within your organisation.
  • The achievement of competencies can be linked to the completion of one or many courses within the system or assessed externally and captured within a learner’s plan.
  • Organisation-specific scales may be created for assessing levels of competency across learners and priorities set for each competency within a learning plan.
Both in-built and custom reports can be configured to filter results based on positions, sections of the organisation or audiences, so that a single report can service a range of stakeholder groups and provide a snapshot of training compliance and completion across the business.
Our dedicated HR import functionality enables you to automate the import and update all your users, competencies and positional and organisational hierarchies directly from your HR system and keep up to date with changes across your organisation.

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