Engage learners around the world with 35 supported languages.

Give your users the flexibility to use your site in their native language, significantly improving the user experience.

Totara offers a wide range of languages, including right-to-left display support where appropriate.

  • Set a default location and timezone for your site, which can be useful if your learners are all based in the same region
  • Or, allow users to pick the right timezone themselves
  • Make your site available in multiple languages
  • Autodetect the appropriate language based on users’ browsers
  • Change specific words within each language pack to ensure that site navigation is intuitive in any language

Totara offers a wide range of languages, including right-to-left display support where appropriate.

  • For submission-based assessments, online and offline assignments can be managed and graded through the system.
  • With customisable submission requirements including word or file limits, deadlines and number of attempts alongside workflows and guidelines around marking and final grades, the assignment tool provides course managers with an automated and distributed grading system.
  • We feature a sophisticated quiz builder where course managers can create predefined or randomly generated quizzes pulled from question banks, with automated grading.
  • The quiz tool offers a range of question types including multiple-choice, free-text answer, true/false and drag-and-drop as well as different question behaviours such as deferred or instant feedback and certainty-based marking.
  • Quizzes also feature a variety of automated workflows including customisable feedback based on responses, time and attempt limits and pass/fail tracking.
  • Alongside the quiz builder, detailed reporting offers course and training managers an insight into learner scores and answers, allowing trend analysis across individuals, groups or entire quizzes. The is all separate from the quiz options we can offer through our eLearning packages.
  • With Open Badges integration, this enables you to issue and display your own custom digital credentials. Whether you want to reward a user for completing an activity, a course or a program, the automated issuing system makes it simple to engage and motivate your learners with visible, shareable badges.
  • The certificate generator allows you to upload your organisation’s own logos, authorising signatures and watermarks to create on-brand certificates. Learners can download or print their fully personalised certificates and share with peers and managers alike.

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