Performance Management

Investing in your staff’s ongoing development will not only foster a stronger, more engaged workforce, but will help your organisation remain a responsive and evolving force within your sector.

We provide the means to measure, monitor and encourage personal and professional development, and offer staff, managers and your HR team a comprehensive performance management tool.

  • Combine HR and L&D with a single system for learning and performance
  • Automate your performance appraisals with integrated review of learning items
  • Improve completion rates with due dates and customisable, automated reminders
  • Widen your view of performance with custom 360 feedback forms
  • Drive team performance with personal development and company goal management
  • Our system provides a sophisticated appraisal system to capture, evaluate and facilitate discussion on professional and personal development of staff.
  • Courses, programs, certifications, competencies and learning objectives from an individual’s learning plan can be automatically pulled into an appraisal form to evaluate formal and informal learning undertaken both internally and externally to the system.
  • Featuring a variety of configurable and customisable question types including multiple-choice, custom scales, set text and images alongside workflows for learners, managers, manager’s managers and an appointed appraiser, the appraisals system offers a streamlined and automated alternative to paper-based forms.
  • Learners can set their own personal development goals, with or without target dates, and use a custom scale for tracking completion. Managers can add new goals directly to an individual’s dedicated goal tracking area or via an appraisal form.
  • Predefined company or team goals can also be assigned to individual learners or to specific groups of learners. Company goals can include organisational missions, values or targets and can apply to all users or select audiences.
  • With the ability to build anonymous or named 360° feedback forms, you can collect and collate feedback from individuals, managers, team members and peers, to develop a comprehensive view of your staff’s personal and professional development requirements.
  • Offering a range of question types including multiple-choice, custom scales, long and short text, feedback forms can be standardised across the organisation or for specific audiences.
  • Learners can request feedback from specific users within system or even from individuals outside of the system as well as send completion reminders directly from the system.

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