Team Management
Regular team performance check-ins help you keep your teams working like a well-oiled machine. The competencies, goals and objectives features within our Learning Toolkit enable you to plan development across your team, ensuring that individual development plans and learning objectives fit with the goals of the wider team and the organisation and that everyone is heading in the right direction. Key Benefits:
  • Improve staff performance by ensuring staff have clear goals, objectives and competencies assigned
  • Keep managers up-to-date with customisable team dashboards
  • Deliver actionable tasks and alerts to managers with automated notifications
  • Reduce the pressure on L&D by giving managers control over their employee’s learning and development
Our learning platform lets team managers realise the full potential from their teams by ensuring that staff have clear competencies and personal goals and that all team members have an active development plan, as well as by providing tools to monitor progress against learning objectives.
  • Managers are provided with a customised team dashboard, displaying up-to-date information about staff activity and one-click access to team members’ learning plans, user profiles, course bookings and appraisals.
  • Team dashboards also provide high-level data about courses and competencies started and achieved by each team member alongside search and filtering functionality.

Tasks advise managers of any actions they need to undertake, such as changes to a learning plan or approving or rejecting requests for attendance at offline learning events.

Alerts notify the manager of any updates and important information relating to their team’s learning activity, such as new objectives added to a learning plan or an overdue recertification.

Managers have full access to their team’s learning plans, record of learning and course booking records and can create, update, delete and approve plans. With the ability to add new courses, competencies, comments and objectives to learning plans as well as update competency ratings, priorities and due dates, managers can take a hands-on and proactive approach to their team’s learning and development.

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