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You’ve already made the smart decision to optimize your assets and operations with IBM Maximo.

Sustaining growth is challenging for manufacturing companies. Improving operational efficiency and cost effectiveness is key to helping companies remain competitive and stimulate growth.
With IBM Maximo we help you maximize productivity, ensure safety, decrease costs and improve asset-related decision making.

Projects completed in 2022


Locations (Canada, USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Chile, Argentina, UK, Ghana, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Australia)


Training sessions delivered in 2022


End users trained in 2022


Smart manufacturing requires smart solutions

IBM Maximo provides intelligent asset maintenance and operational control, reducing costs, minimizing risks, and boosting productivity for a greater return on your Maximo investment.

But when you implement or upgrade Maximo, it’s easy to focus on technology, without thinking about the people focused adoption of the technology.
Fully engaged end users are more likely to adopt Maximo and leverage maximum value from the system.
Only by focusing on the end user can manufacturing companies minimize risk of low adoption levels and poor performance of the system.
Don't just Maximo, Maximize.

Electra’s people focused approach to IBM Maximo learning and change management increases end-user
adoption and MAXIMIZES your return on investment.



Our people focused approach to Maximo
learning and change increased adoption,
enhances productivity and increases your
return on investment.



To achieve maximum adoption, we don’t
just launch your people into Maximo with
technical training that has no relevance to
their role – we go further.



Fully engaged end users are more likely
to adopt Maximo and leverage
maximum value from the system.


Projects completed in 2020.


Locations (Mississauga, Ontario / Calgary, Alberta).


Maximo eLearning modules developed in 2020.


End users trained in 2020.

*Stats from Calgary team.

Maximizing results for clients operating in
the manufacturing industry in Canada.

What our manufacturing
clients say

Meet your specialist manufacturing IBM Maximo learning and change management team.

Roger Laycock
Delivery Manager

Alison Quinn
Delivery Manager

Dhugal Watson
Senior Learning Consultant

Lorraine Warren
Senior Learning Consultant

Clint Stevens
Learning Consultant

Craig Blakney
Learning Consultant

Hayley Barron
Learning Consultant

Sindy McPhee
Senior Learning Consultant

Kara Teare
Learning Consultant

Katrina Dekur
Learning Consultant

Kim Holland
Learning Consultant

Jody Jones
Learning Consultant

Nik McMahon
Learning Consultant

Melissa Zwicker
Learning Consultant

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