Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

I joined electra in 2015 after graduating from RGU with Computing for Graphics and Animation. Since then I have continued to further develop my skills in Adobe Creative Suite, Storyline and Captivate. I am responsible for developing the content in our e-learning courses, the modules run smoothly and on schedule, ensuring that clients are delighted with the end results.

Having a background in customer facing work, I relish the client interaction and have rapidly developed a good working relationship with one of our main clients. He now calls me directly to discuss and check viability of new ideas and project work.

Out with work, I am a volunteer for Streetsport that encourages children to get more involved with sport – in my case teaching them to play tennis.

If I could sum up electra in one sentence I'd say...

“Very customer oriented, determined to deliver in a friendly and approachable manner” 

Streetsport is delivered in partnership with the RGU and is part of the Denis Law Legacy Trust providing free sports and creative activities for young people across Aberdeen. I became involved with them along with my best mate from school and for a couple of hours every Thursday we would go to local areas and teach kids tennis by making up fun activities and games. It was extremely rewarding and enjoyable and one point to note was that I attended an event along with Prince Harry. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him but stood right beside him.

I’m originally from the North East of England but lived and attended school in the west coast of Scotland for a while. Harry Potter was being filmed there and the Production crew came to my school looking for ‘extras’. I volunteered and was seated on the Hogwarts Express as a School kid. Unfortunately though, there was no close up shot and you can’t see me, but I know I was there. My claim to fame from that was that I spoke to Ron Weasley’s body double.

“I’ve missed out on a few surreal celebrity encounters in my life, from just missing David Hasselhoff at the local co-op, to Channing Tatum attending the village fireworks display when I lived in the highlands and even Brad Pitt stopping for fuel at a local petrol station while filming a movie. I was minutes away in each of those cases… given the chance though, I think it would be champion to meet the actor Jack Black”.

Yes, I used to draw cartoon characters all the time and at school, a couple of us created our own comic book and my part was to create the illustrations for it. I do have an unusual style though; I always start with the nose then work my way out to the rest of the character.

The first word that springs to mind is ‘engaging’. We understand the importance of keeping modules interesting, colorful and exciting and this allows the end user to get the most of out of it. There is a lot of work done in building the eLearning modules and we have a fine attention to detail to make sure that any software simulation matches the real product the user will see. This can take quite a bit of time and every module is customized to the specific company and end user.

I didn’t know what to expect really, it was a very daunting prospect and I was a bit nervous at first. Stepping out of the accommodation block in full PPE and all I could see for miles was sea was very surreal for me. But seeing the items and equipment firsthand that we discuss during training really helps with my overall understanding and I am so glad that I did it, I have some great memories of it and grateful that I had the opportunity.

I really enjoy listening to music especially Rock, bands like Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry and I Prevail to name a few. I also go to see a lot of Plays with my girlfriend Jenni. I wasn’t really interested in this type of thing before, but now I quite enjoy it and I now know a lot more about Shakespeare than I ever did before.