Maximo World, Phoenix AZ – August 2023

Returning from Maximo World 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona, Troy Deck, Vice President of U.S. Operations, shares his summary from the event.  

Maximo World is recognized as the industry’s premier conference for IBM® Maximo® users, managers and business leaders. The conference showcased best practices and breakthroughs that are redefining asset management while also connecting businesses with end users. 

During the four days, I had the opportunity to learn, network, and explore new ideas and innovations. The time was packed with Awards, Courses, Workshops, user groups, networking opportunities, expos, and fun events!  

Some of the exciting highlights were: 

Knowledge Sharing: 

Participants were able to explore new approaches to existing problems by learning how industry peers and leaders are tackling similar Maximo challenges. Speakers and thought leaders from various industries took the stage to share their success stories, shedding light on how they harnessed the power of Maximo to optimize asset performance, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency. One of my favourites was “Without Labels That Last the Life of Your Assets, Your CMMS Program Will Suck” by https://www.camcode.com/  

Technology Trends: 

Technology and market trends were presented around a wide range of topics. This included Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors, mobility, moving to MAS 8 and several others. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn from experts at IBM, as well as other Maximo partners. Mobile robots like Spot® from Boston Dynamics highlighted some of the innovations.  (Related Article)   

Maximo World Expo: 

The tradeshow floor buzzed with energy as industry leaders, startups, and Maximo users came together under one roof. This event was more than just booths and displays – it connected people and provided a cross-section of services and supports for the Maximo Ecosystem. 


One of the best outcomes of Maximo World 2023 was the opportunity to network and build relationships. LinkedIn profiles were shared, business cards exchanged hands, emails and other social media connections were established.  Walking around the floor one could hear the conversations being sparked that could lead to future work and collaborations.  

In conclusion, Maximo World 2023 provided a fantastic opportunity for attendees to connect, learn, and collaborate. I very much enjoyed being part of it and am already looking forward to next year.