Niamh McIvor – Electra Placement Experience

I am thrilled to be joining Electra Learning as a Business Development/Marketing Intern in Calgary, Canada. Since day one, the team have extended a warm welcome and have helped me settle into Canada in no time. My experience here is flying by, and it’s hard to believe it has already been 9 weeks.

At home in Scotland, I study International Business and Spanish at the University of Strathclyde. As a language student, I love experiencing new cultures and travelling. Therefore, when I discovered the opportunity to travel abroad for a summer internship through Entrepreneurial Scotland’s Saltire Scholar Internship Programme, I jumped at the opportunity. I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a selected group of students granted a fully remunerated internship, working alongside some of the best businesses globally. Although I would argue I gained the best!

Working with Electra has been such a positive experience. From my initial interview with Troy and Allison, I knew I wanted to work alongside them. This was the first interview I have ever left with a smile on my face! The environment within Electra has played a significant role in why I love it here. The team spirit and constant positivity makes coming into work fun and has made me feel incredibly supported. Each project that I have been working on has provided great insights into how my university projects relate to real-life business contexts. One project I have been working on is building a LinkedIn social media campaign. Within this, I have developed my skills in strategic planning processes, understanding audiences and platform optimisation techniques. Alongside this, I have been working on developing an Elevator Pitch for Electra and have been able to practice delivering this whilst attending the Global Energy Show. Through this, I have seen my confidence grow immensely, and I know this will be a beneficial skill for my future. It has been great working alongside Troy, and I have learned so much through observing him at networking events and working alongside him to plan and implement business projects. It has also been lovely to have a slice of home here too, with many Scots working in the Canadian office.

Moving to Canada has been an amazing adventure. Coming from Scotland, notoriously known for its dull weather, it comes as no surprise that one of my favourite aspects of Canada has been the sunny blue skies, even if I brought a spot of rain with me. In Scotland I love being surrounded by nature, spending my summers on Loch Fyne or the Isle of Arran, working or going on walks with my dog. For this reason, among many, I have slipped right into feeling at home in Canada, travelling straight to the Rockies on my first few days. However, I realised that I greatly underestimated the difference in wildlife between Scotland and Canada, as the possibility of meeting a bear on a hike is a completely different kettle of fish to finding some sheep in a field. Nevertheless, this has added to the excitement of my experience.

I have loved every moment of this experience so far and I am excited to see where the rest of my time here takes me. I look forward to exploring more of Canada, making my way through every coffee shop in Calgary, and working on more exciting projects with the Electra team.