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We are hosting 2 more O365 Virtual User Groups in 2020 where our clients will share their experience of using Power BI in real business situations experience but in the meantime we want to share some of the training we are doing with our clients with you. Find out more about our Power BI courses below.

Click on the image below to view our Power BI Training Solutions. Be sure to check out some of our positive feedback and stats too!

Positive Feedback:

• Good refresher session and solid foundation for beginners
• Thanks Emma, really helpful session
• Great delivery of session by Emma, clear and concise especially with all of the participants using Teams

Recently training delivery (for TEPUK) – 8 participants and:

100% fed back that the content of learning materials was well-organised and easy to follow
88% agreed that they gained new knowledge that they will be able to practice and apply in their work life
88% agreed that the pace of the course was appropriate to content and attendees
100% agreed that it was easy to get actively involved in the session
• The trainers delivery received 5.75 stars out of 6