Stuart Elliot

Stuart Elliot

With a background in animation I have found the transition into eLearning to be an exciting one. As a media developer it is up to me to make the courses as interesting and engaging as possible, creating an interactive experience that can help clients learn and better understand the content. I love bringing courses to life with animated GIFs, graphics and illustrations, while keeping the content informative.

I try to keep myself actively creative so I am also a keen painter and illustrator in my free time, often visiting coffee shops to slyly observe and draw interesting characters. I also love travelling, exploring and experiencing other cultures.

If I could sum up Electra in one sentence I'd say...

“A talented and tight-knit team who work together to surpass our client’s expectations.” 

I have always been creative and whilst at school, I entered a competition to design an APP for a major car dealership and I won! Along with receiving a Mac Book I was taken to visit the Glasgow studios to watch the APP being developed and it was awesome. Then whilst at Gray’s I was tasked with creating a short, animated video about Pot Holes for Aberdeenshire Council and I became known as the “Pot Hole Guy” and this stuck for a while!

For my honors project I focused on Mental Health, looking at how mindfulness and showing gratitude towards the very small, day to day, seemingly insignificant things, can contribute to happiness. It was an extremely rewarding project and I think the learning I gained from it makes me the person I am today.

I am described as being laid back and chilled, which I am really, I don’t worry about things I can’t change, and concentrate on being positive and changing the things that I can. This project really helped me whilst creating our recent eLearning module for Ditch Debt with Dignity, as it’s not just about money management - it’s also about changing habits, changing the way you think, and being positive about what you can achieve.

No, I moved back home after graduation, and delivered post for 2 years, not what I had intended to do but it was a great role. Because Earlston is in the country, the exercise was incredible, and I really enjoyed being back home. I then moved back to Aberdeen with my girlfriend Emily, and secured a role in eLearning development, and moved to Electra a year later.

That is a really good question. Great eLearning is about building a story, making courses specific and relevant, and creating a Journey of Learning. I would love to be able to create Leaderboards, to encourage team building, and friendly competition, we all love to win!

All of our courses are scenario based, and use real situations, so I would like to build on that and include the use of virtual and augmented reality spaces.

I keep a close eye on current and future trends, for example gamification where learning is challenging and rewarding, it’s the future!