Office 365

Successful O365 Adoption


We encourage companies to look at their O365 adoption programmes in 3 core parts, Personal Productivity, Information Management and Team Productivity.

Personal Productivity is about working with individuals to help them realise personal productivity gains through using tools such as OneNote, OneDrive and To Do to organise their meeting notes, actions and documents.

By introducing these at the start it leads nicely into introductions for Information Management governance as well as GDPR and Cyber Security awareness. This lays a helpful foundation for “good practice” in SharePoint Online, Teams and OneDrive.

All this allows individuals to understand cloud working, co-authoring and the world of O365 which helps give them “hooks” for how they can progress into collaborative working.

Team Productivity is about working with departmental, functional and project teams to implement tools such as Teams and Planner to support collaboration. With Power BI, and the other Power Platform applications, your teams can automate workflows, tap into data and gain better data insights to support decision making.

By targeting specific working groups, we can help train people in the apps that will really help them, for example, we’ve seen HR and HSE gain great efficiencies through using Forms and Power BI, whereas, Engineering teams may have less need for Forms but find Power BI revolutionary – it’s all about finding the applications that make a difference to your people and your business.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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