Tammy Kefford

Tammy Kefford

My background is in IT solution delivery in the Oil and Gas, Pharma and Public sectors with key skills in project and change management, plus process development and design. My passion is making sure that people are at the heart of every project. In the face of large scale IT implementations, I enjoy making sure that the focus on the end users is equal to the focus on the technology being implemented. It is usually the end users who are most impacted by the changes. Helping them to realise the benefits of the new way of working and bringing about positive effects upon their everyday activities is so rewarding.

In my spare time I enjoy the great outdoors. We are spoiled in the North East of Scotland with opportunities for hillwalking, skiing and water sports. The combination of mountains and sea mean I am spoiled for choice for a day out exploring.

Implementing IT projects successfully so that the perceived benefits are realised with the people who need to use the new system as part of their everyday job. I love the ‘ta-dah!’ moment where they actually see how their job becomes easier.

New Zealand. I spent 6 weeks travelling around, enjoying the dramatic scenery, making some great friends and taking part in some extreme sports. I avoided bungee jumping but managed mountain biking, glacier heli-hiking, white water rafting, kayaking but my favourite type two fun was river surfing. White water rafting but swap out the raft for a small float you might find in your local pool….. Spent the whole time terrified!

Before Electra, I worked for an oil and gas company deep in the Sahara Desert. It was an extreme location, difficult to get to and very hot. The tough conditions brought people together to form a close knit community. It was wonderful commuting to work by flying over gigantic sand dunes and spotting camels.

In IT implementation projects, the people most impacted usually have very little say in the new way of working, which can build resistance. I am passionate about making sure these people are represented and they understand the benefits so that any change has a positive effect on their everyday activities.