TOTARA 12: Instructor-led Training – Booking System


Many businesses offer fully blended learning programmes using a mix of learning interventions. Our LMS enables you to manage a range of face-to-face learning events from internal classroom sessions to external workshops or small conferences.

Using our LMS, you can quickly and efficiently schedule events and see at a glance all upcoming training sessions with the dedicated dashboards.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce time spent managing event bookings with an efficient and powerful scheduling tool
  • Improve efficiencies with self-service or approval-based course booking
  • Consolidate your tasks with resource and room management tools
  • Automate your processes with customisable reminders, alerts and calendar attachments
  • Simplify attendance tracking with an intuitive tracker and customisable sign-in registers

Enable self-service or workflow-based course bookings

With user-friendly, self-service booking systems, learners can find and choose the course and session right for them and manage their booking directly. Once booked, event details can be a saved to a learner’s (and their manager’s) calendar using the iCal standard for Outlook, Google and a range of other calendar systems.

Learners can declare interest in attending a session where there are no current sessions available or a known date for the event, enabling learning and development teams to accurately assess the demand for proposed training events. Sessions which are fully booked can employ a wait listing system which automatically allows a learner to join if a space frees up. Automated notifications can be used to alert learners of booking confirmations, updates and reminders of upcoming events.

We also offer a range of workflows for a manager and administrator-driven session booking including email-based request and two-stage approval, re-booking based on previous attendance status, manual booking and pre-booked reservations for team members.

Booking System

You can learn more about Instructor-led Training, such as resource scheduling, attendance tracking and custom notification alerts in our full LMS Service Pack.

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