Why processes are the secret to Maximo implementation success

It doesn’t matter how sophisticated your organisation’s digital asset management system is, without the right processes in place you will fail to see the value, warns Electra Learning’s Managing Director Donna McWilliams…

When it comes to asset management systems, such as Maximo, it is almost always a lack of efficient processes rather than IT issues that are at the root cause of its ineffectiveness. Yet, time and again we find companies approaching their implementation as an IT project rather than a change programme which fails to give their people the knowledge they need to sustain new processes. By providing clear processes and by giving people the skills they need, organisations can effectively manage how complete and accurate data is sourced, inputted, managed and shared.

Quality data is central to every successful digital transformation initiative. When established correctly, a Maximo implementation not only ensures users follow the correct processes to enhance how data is used but it also improves processes to drive operational performance.  However, all too often, companies stay in their safe zone and focus on IT and how the technology works rather than how it aligns with internal processes.

Getting the most out of a Maximo implementation must start with training, processes, and data before focusing on the technology’s functionality:

Empowering people – Often given just a day’s training and a handbook, new users can be forgiven for feeling like they have been left on their own to figure out how to use the new system. By providing bite-sized, ongoing training from early in the implementation phase, users will have the knowledge and confidence to make the most of the platform. In this way they will be significantly more likely to follow the processes which in turn will improve the quality of data that is gathered, inputted and used.

Optimising processes –  A team that is already confident in using the new system from the start is much more likely to be engaged in the change process and its improvement aims. As a result, they are more likely to identify broader improvements to processes and ways of working that will drive performance across asset operations.   

Streamlining data –  Aligning people and processes will provide the framework for quality asset data to be sourced, used, and shared. With these in place, more significant actionable insights for asset maintenance and integrity can be gained.

When it comes to making the most of Maximo, it pays to get the foundations in place early. Making an early investment in training and taking time to understand and strengthen processes will deliver a faster return on investment. Electra Learning, as the only LPI (Learning Performance Institute) accredited Maximo trainers,  are well placed to help you build a solid foundation to your training processes. To learn how we can support your implementation project email